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Monday, December 30, 2019

Do Not Forget Your History and Your Roots

Church history tells us how John, the writer of our theme scripture, faced intense persecution due to his faith. He was captured and plunged into a large vessel of boiling oil with the intention of frying him alive. They lit the fire while he was inside, but something remarkable happened: the oil burnt out, but John was still there; alive and unscathed.

His persecutors, who couldn’t fathom how anyone could survive such a gruesome ordeal, concluded that his life was indeed divine, and for that reason, he earned the appellation, *“Saint John the Divine.”* He was later banished into exile in Patmos, a Greek island, where he wrote the Book of Revelation.

What made this apostle, in spite of that horrific treatment, invincible? He had eternal life, which he wrote about and admonished the Church to be conscious of, as read in our theme scripture. He said, *“I want you to know that you have eternal life.”* The word, *“know”* is translated from the Greek “eido,” and it means to observe or become aware; knowledge with awareness.

John came to a level of awareness that eternal life, the very essence of divinity, was at work in him. That same life of absolute victory, glory, righteousness, and dominion in Christ supplanted your human life, making you indestructible! Become fully persuaded of this truth. Don’t just preach, sing and dance about it; let it be a present-hour consciousness in your spirit that you’re a divine being, not a mere human. You’re in the divine class; an associate of the God-kind. Blessed be God!


Dear Father, I thank you for the impact of your divine life in my spirit, soul and body. This divine life surges through my being, destroying and repelling sickness, disease, infirmity, death, poverty, and everything that’s inconsistent with the provisions of the Gospel of Christ. I’m invincible, indestructible and impregnable, in Jesus’ Name. Amen._
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