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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Every Problem Must Expire Someday

So many people lack the understanding of how God operates. God will sometimes allow your enemies, to stubbornly pursue you, so He can gain honour for Himself. He will allow problems to follow you because He wants to prove that He is Yahweh, the One who sits in the circumference of Himself.

According to the Bible, there was an angel who went in front of the children of Israel. With the angel in front of them, they were feeling the presence of God. However, as they approached the sea, the angel went behind them as a pillar of cloud. Now that they could not see him anymore, they felt like the presence of God had left them. When you are in a problem, it sometimes feels like God has left you; yet He has only gone behind you, to block your enemies.

When the angel stood as a pillar of cloud behind them, all the Egyptians could see was the cloud. Knowing the Israelites were in front of it, they kept pursuing, not knowing the sea had been parted and the Israelites were crossing over to the other side - they only discovered they were in the middle of the sea, the Israelites on the other side, and saw the waters flooding back over them.

God will stand between you and your enemies so He can block them from seeing your miracle, and before they know it, they will see you on the other side.

Today, your enemies are in for a shock!
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