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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mountains Melts in His Prescence

The beautiful array of pinks, blues, reds and yellows in the service today celebrate a God who is creative and exciting! 

We are loud and vibrant, we are energetic and we carry with us the DNA of Christ since we have been grafted into the most royal family, we have become joint heirs with Christ! What greater heritage can we ever hope or pray for?

Rise up on your feet and praise the God of Major 1 as we sing psalms and hymns! Let the God of Major 1 open doors as you pronounce His goodness in songs and prayers! Let His angel report that your praise is beyond understanding so that the Allos Parakletos can come Himself and dance through you!

Celebrate Jesus, He is in the house!

Entering His Holy of Holies with glorifying thanksgiving and worship. Exalting and glorifying the father through words of worship. Surrendering ourselves to our Father fully trusting our lives in his hands.

The praise team is on another level this morning, paving the way for us to catch up with them. The mood is all stirred up. His power and glory is so visible that it cannot be missed.

Mountains are melting down, walls and chains are falling. The atmosphere is fully charged—we are all geared up and ready. Viewers of Prophetic Channel, this is a vital moment; connect and don't go anywhere.
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