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Monday, April 29, 2019

Do Not Be in The Company of Naysayers

The punishment for people whose sins are too much is to completely miss the ministration of the prophets. They question and sneer at every prophetic utterance and undermine the authority of a prophet. Ahithophel wisdom will focus on wisdom and abandon hope as a solution. The voice of the demon will recommend suicide instead of hope! Pray for divine wisdom.

Major 1 stands in disagreement with anything that is contrary to the wisdom from above. Whatever you will invest into from now on will be fruitful! Any move you make from now must be a move to success!

What may sound so intelligent and correct, may in fact not be godly. When David prayed, the wisdom of Ahithophel became foolishness and the day his advice was not heeded, he committed suicide. You may even trust a wrong person under the influence of Ahithophel. Don’t make more mistakes, make a decision; from now on, there is no Ahithophel—don’t go forward without this resolve.

"Whatever you're going to do from now, make sure you're ready and prepared so that you don't fall for Ahithophel! I need us to agree right now, anything you'll do, you'll beware of Ahithophel. Any business, job or opportunity, you'll not make the same mistake again!"

I need someone today who is ready to say I don't care about the different conditions that I may be going through, I myself am a condition and I need to be addressed and restored by God. If God can address me then it logically follows that everything else about myself will be restored.

Pray along and say:

"Lord I present myself as a living sacrifice, I present myself as a condition ready to be addressed by you. Touch me this afternoon. Restore me this afternoon in Jesus name.
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