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Friday, February 15, 2019

No More Delays in Every Good Thing That Concerns You

 No More Delays! The prophet locates a man and tells him he saw a house, fixing of cars. The man confirms he has a panel beater in his house. The prophet tells him that God has called him for ministry, him together with his family. He confirms it is true because his wife is in music.

The Lord said I should deliver you. There are too many delays in your life but God is delivering you, the prophet declares.

The prophet further asked who his father is because he sees him preaching. The man confirms his father used to preach. Going deeper the prophet locates Sasol where his brother works. The man confirms his brother was working at Sasol.

The prophet prays and delivers the man from the spirit of delay.
The Lord will PERFECT that which concerns you today in Jesus name. Lawyer Receives Multiple Fortunes After Forgiving

She is a lawyer with her own firm. The prophet located her and told her to forgive a mechanic who destroyed her for her failure to forgive is hindering her blessings. He further told her that she going to be very rich and have the most well know law firm in her country.

Indeed, the following Monday she got a call from an insurance company that she applied for and rewarded her with a lifetime contract with no limits.

As if that was not enough, she is now representing all the districts in her country. Furthermore, she got three license for medical combats worth ZAR 1m each but got it for free. She also found a mine in her country that has diamonds worth $500m.

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